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  • Michael Schneider

    Michael Schneider

    Founder with 2 Exits I Company & Venture Builder I Startup Advisor & Mentor

  • Charlie Osborne

    Charlie Osborne

    Keeping an eye on the future. Tech | Sustainability | Intelligence | Aviation | Aerospace | Mobility | Geopolitics | Space | Ventures.

  • Alfre Wimberley

    Alfre Wimberley

  • Melissa Trahan

    Melissa Trahan

    VP People @Farewill. Leadership Coach. Formerly @Thread @Facebook @MassiveHealth @PassionCapital. Cat lady. Feminist. She/her.

  • Ritu


  • Millen Wolde-Selassie

    Millen Wolde-Selassie

    🤹🏾‍♀️Founder of no+mi London | 🌍🇩🇪🇪🇷in London | 💼ex-Finance | 💜Startups, making new friends, food trends, 90s TV shows and podcasts

  • Alex Zhang

    Alex Zhang

  • Jonah Langenbeck

    Jonah Langenbeck

    Maker, Designer, New Orleanian.

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